How to Earn with the Secret of Persistence; By Timothy L. Drobnick Sr.

How the secret of persistence can help earn high profits as your own Internet Service Provider ISP.


So how do you actually get hundreds of clients to pay you

every month for you to host their websites, email services,

domain names, and other internet services?


I will reveal the secrets in these series of letters.


The principal of persistance seems too obvious, but therein

lies the secret. It is like laying diamonds all over a

parking lot. People would assume they were broken glass

because if it was so valuable others would have already

picked them up. I used this secret in my small hometown of Sheridan,

Wyoming, (see This is how I built a janitorial business in this little

town. You will see how these principals can easily be converted to building your own ISP business.

Upon first examination, there were many reasons that I

could not succeed:With a population of 13,000 people, it would seem my

opportunities were limited for building a business.Worse yet my chosen field of business, janitorial, had

an abundance of worthy competitors. My competitors were well enforced with uniforms, brand

new painted trucks, powerful equipment, and a trained work

force for cleaning and marketing, and an extensive

advertising budget. There were only 1000 businesses total in Sheridan, Wyoming,

and many of those were home based and would not require a

janitorial service. We were in the middle of a national recession, and it

did not seem that 1981 was a good time to start a business. I had no advertising budget, no equipment, very little

professional training with cleaning systems and chemicals, no uniforms, a beat up old truck, and $17.00 worth of pop

bottles.This surely was a formula for failure. But there was one more thing that I had: Persistence.

My plan was to make one index card for every business in

town, and then to contact every single business one time

per month. The first time I contacted every business, just by chance

I found 3 people unhappy at that moment with their

janitorial contractor and decided to give me a try. I

found $300.00 per month worth of work. After contacting the businesses I would separate the cards

into these categories:Those that I felt would never have use for a janitorial

service. Those that already had a janitorial service but did not

want to change to a new service. Those that did not have a janitorial service but could

probably use one. Those that had a janitorial service but indicated that

they may change services in the future.I continued to call categories 2 to 4 one time every month

picking up a new contract or two each time. I always made

notes on the cards to refresh my memory, and after 6 months

of doing this most of the local business owners started to

get to know who I was.I overcame the fact that I did not have an advertising budget

for radio, direct mail, or newspaper by going directly to

the person that could hire me each and every month.

After a few months, I had enough money to buy a uniform for

a more professional look and rented a small office for $50.00

per month. I also printed some business cards with my new

address and business name. Now when I visited the owners

or called them on the telephone I had a place to refer them to.

  1. But remember, I did not let the fact earlier that I did

not have these things stop me from pursuing the business


By being persistent I consistently got “lucky” by calling

just at the time a business owner was considering a new

janitorial service. But persistence is what created this

luck for me. If I had not been calling every month I would

never have become “lucky.”

After two years of following this system, I had obtained

$18,000.00 in monthly contracts. After watching me grow

for those two years, two of the three major competitors

offered to sell their business to me.

I suspect they started panicking after they saw me chipping

away at their businesses and consistently taking their


They did not know the secret that I did, for if they had

they could easily have counter attacked me using the same


You can use this secret of persistence. You can even use

this same method of contacting prospects on a systematical




  1. Using your computer or index cards, (computers are much

easier of course), start contacting either via telephone

or in person door  to door, your local businesses.


  1. Ask them who is in charge of their website. Ask

questions and take notes.


  1. Offer to host their existing or future website.


  1. They may not be ready for you to server them at this

time, but contact then again in 1 month just to let them

know you are still available.


  1. Divide your cards into these catagories:


  1. Those that you believe would never have use for

internet services.


  1. Those that already have internet services but do not

want to change to a new service.


  1. Those that do not have internet services but could

probably use them.


  1. Those that have internet services but indicated that

they may change services in the future.


Then contact categories b to d every month. Of course keep

adding new contacts each month.


Using this secret called “persistence” soon you will be

building your own Internet Service business to great heights!


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