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10-Point Checklist For Ebay Success


The following checklist is a reminder of the mindset, tasks and tools you need to master for maximum success in your Ebay business. Only once you’ve got to grips with one aspect should you move onto the next

  • Get your head straight You must sell people what they really want and not what you think/hope they want. Think logically and keep your emotions out of it if you want to make a good profit.
  • Brainstorm Look around. What do you see featuring on the TV and in magazines? What are people looking for? What are the latest trends? Ask the kids, they’re always a good source of information. Use Ebay Pulse to discover the most popular searches and most wanted items and/or sign up to Terapeak for a plethora of resources that will help you stay one step ahead.
  • Check out the competition  –  what can you learn from other sellers? Research completed listings thoroughly to see what you’re up against.
  • Have you found tour hot product? This is not the time to get emotional. Think Logically. It doesn’t really matter what you personally think of the product. Work out if there’s a real profit to be made. Don’t forget to deduct any expenses. If you can answer yes, move on to the next check point. If not, then it’s back to the drawing board! Time spent getting this right could save you so much time, expense and effort further down the line, when it has become too late to make changes.
  • Source your product there are all sorts of places to acquire suitable products at a price that will make you a good profit, once you’ve mastered a few basic auction selling techniques. Be persistent.  It may take time but the rewards will make it all worthwhile.
  • Create the best possible listingKnow the right keywords for your item so you will be found; check and double check for misspellings; choose the right category for your item; include photos – plenty of them! Choose the most effective listing upgrades for the effective use of bold/coloured text etc. Learn to write the kind of item description that will cause a bit of a bidding frenzy. Take a look at what other sellers are doing and see what appeals. Could you do something similar?
  • List your item in the right format Auction. Buy It Now, or Store.
  • Give outstanding customer service Build evangelists for your business with every item you sell!
  • Dominate your chosen category You may have a similar product to a competitor but you will get the sale because you give relevant advice, bonuses and information.
  • Get automated Every business has its own variety of repetitive, but important, tasks. Simple software is available to automate those tasks freeing your time up to deal with those things that require a more personal touch. You can even create automated listings that appear on Ebay while you are out enjoying yourself! No one will ever know

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