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12 Daily Habits to Increase Your Productivity Without Stress


Albert Einstein says: “There are three rules of action: look for simplicity in the midst of chaos, find harmony from disagreements, and remember that opportunities lie in difficulties.”  

The daily work we do – whether it is at university, at work, or in business – can become cumbersome and ineffective and sap our energy and happiness. How can we work in an easier and simpler way, so that it helps us accomplish more important work in less time and without stress or emotion? 

Let’s share 12 tips to get more done and reduce stress:

1. Plan your day the night before:

Pack your work or school bag, keep the remaining dinner food in a box and put it in the fridge, put your keys, wallet and all your essentials in an easy-to-find place in the morning when you leave the house These preparations will help make your morning less stressful.

  1. Be there 5-10 minutes earlier than your appointments: 

This will make the time that you move from one place to another a time to relax and unwind, rather than a time of tension and stress.

On the other hand, most people tend to appreciate people who arrive on time.

  1. Set aside a specific time to do each task separately: 

This will help you focus more, perform better, and get the job done in less time compared to multitasking at once.

  1. Work in a quiet place: 

Close all programs that may distract you – such as chat and email programs – before you start working, and also close the door of your office, disconnect your Internet connection or use an add-on that helps you focus on the browser program you are using, put your mobile device on silent mode, then put it in the desk drawer.

  1. Ask yourself regularly a series of questions for greater simplicity and focus: 

It’s easy to derail the right track during a normal workday. But to stay on or get back on the right track, use different questions such as:

What is the most important thing I can do right now?

Did he do this bring me closer to my goal?

Do I have to keep things very simple now?

  1. Make your lunch a time to relax: 

Eat slowly, eat carefully, and savor every bite; Eating your food in this way can help you relax and get rid of a great deal of stress during your workday, and it can also help you not to overeat, as it takes 20

minutes for your mind to realize that you are really full; When you eat slowly, it gives your brain a chance to stop your hunger before you overdo it.

  1. Spend 80% of your time focusing on finding solutions to problems:

Spend 20% of your time just delving into a specific issue, challenge, or problem, rather than doing it the other way around.

This makes it easier for you to live a simple, action-packed life without feeling self-pity or getting stuck with a mentality of helplessness and powerlessness.

  1. Ask for help: 

You don’t always have to do everything alone, as you can ask for help whenever you need it.

You might not always get it, but you might also be surprised at how nice people can help you relieve your stress and solve your problems. So don’t forget to return the favor to them as best you can when they ask.

  1. Check your email only once a day: 

Checking email or social media accounts multiple times a day drains a lot of time and energy, and can stress you out and lose focus; So try to check mail only once a day instead of the whole day, such as at the beginning or end of the work day.

  1. Write shorter emails: 

Make your emails only 1-5 sentences, and you can also prepare some ready-made responses to common questions and save them in a folder in your email program. This will help you spend less time and energy dealing with everyday emails.

  1. Consciously set and maintain firm boundaries between your work and personal time: 

Set a specific time for the end of the workday, do not work on weekends, and consciously manage those limits; This will enable you to relieve stress, gain more energy and focus, in order to do better work and live a higher quality personal life.

  1. Get smart about three energy basics:

By that we mean getting enough sleep, exercising twice a week, and eating healthy. In theory this might sound very clear; But in practice, it makes a big difference in your optimism and your self-talk, improves energy levels and the ability to deal with stress and think clearly, which will positively affect your life as a whole.

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