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3 Things you MUST know about Wealth Creation in today’s Global Economy

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3 Things you MUST know about Wealth Creation in today’s Global Economy


As we enter into the 4th Industrial Revolution, Economic blocs, Countries, corp orates, family units and young people are repositioning themselves to take advantage of this new world order. To a Christian my challenge to you is  what are you doing? Have you embraced the new Digital World or are you playing the old resistance game?


One of the easiest routes to enter the wealth creation space in 2021 is through the Capital Markets, and a good place to focus would be the $1.9 trillion space called Cryptocurrencies.

Why Cryptocurrencies?  the cryptocurrency market  daily trade  is $181 billion!  So in a single day ( 24 hours)  $181 billion is  traded. This gives you an idea of creating wealth if you position yourself and your resources correctly.

Before I go any further, I often hear concerns about the “Dark side” of the crypto world, and I want to answer this right now before we go any further.   The role I am challenging you to take is not a cryptocurrency advocate but to trade the crypto market profitability while the opportunity lasts!  So you and your network, participate in the global economy and instead of paying out money to providers abroad, be in the position to attract money from foreign economies.  This is an additional way for us as a nation to grow and provide the much-needed finance required to live and enjoy as families, businesses and a government. What you choose to do with the wealth you create and choose to invest in is a completely different conversation. My role in writing this today is to alert you to the same opportunities people across America, the EU and The UK are hugely benefiting from and the results they are using to reinvest in real estate, new businesses and improving their lifestyle, the same thing you want for your loved ones right? The difference being they are not wishfully thinking about it; they are actively participating.

So, I want to share 3 simple things that will prepare you as a corporate or Individual to cautiously step in the crypto market.

  • Trading is not like any other business or Investment you might have ever seen; therefore, your mind frame’s conditioning has to renew to let go of fears, apprehensions, anxieties, terrors, or self-doubts. In its place, you need to trust yourself and be disciplined.
  • The Cryptomarket is not gambling, you need to observe the fundamentals and news around diverse coins, and pls recognize thousands of coins that you can trade and make instant cash from, not just the popular Bitcoin.
  • The patient trader is often a winning trader, the markets to trade cryptocurrencies are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and access to the markets are free!

The single biggest understanding a trader has to understand is the entire capital markets is “Unstructured”  so therefore no one can tame it or claim to fully master it. So for you today could be the turning point of your financial life,  Your dreams and family lifestyle could and should be financed by the capital markets .Jump online, research the cryptomarkets, and ask yourself who has $1.9 trillion? And why is it invested in Cryptocurrencies? Ask yourself why the market has grown by over $200 billion in the last 12 months?  Then finally, ask yourself why are people trying to ask you to stay out of a market that is making money? What do you think the answers could be?


Sam Onigbanjo wrote this article,  He is a Founding Partner in the Capital Markets Academy; Sam Onigbanjo has helped over 1,000 businesses start or grow. He is a Pan Africanist and wants to see the youth rise up to levels never seen before in Africa.

Learn more about how you can learn how to trade and benefit yourself and your loved ones. Take action visit and watch a free video that covers this and more.

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