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An Effective Marketing Strategy to Sell to China Online


In a series of market surveys, it has been proved that China has come up in a big way with its lucrative digital marketplace to foreign enterprises. With an unbelievable 920 million internet users and an incredible online market size worth 315 billion + RMB, it has attracted millions of businesses from the Western globe to kick start sell to China online and attain consistent growth with maximum ROI. In this marketing drive, the first obstruction you tend to face is the public rule (Great Firewall of China) which has banned the popular search engine Google or social sites Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube, and others in this landscape. So, let us see how you should go-ahead to start selling and flourishing in the Chinese digital market.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It’s no exaggeration the SEO is the core when it comes to digital marketing strategies. SEO is the most consistent, dependable, and affordable online marketing tool to optimize the rank of your websites or contents making them friendly to major search engines. Alike the popularity that Google has in the West, for businesses to initiate to sell to China online they come across Baidu, the Chinese largest search engine that responds to over 75% of search queries equating to roughly 600,000,000 per day. Given that, to make the online sale in China thriving, businesses cannot ignore the necessity of page optimization that drives more and more traffic and boost brand awareness and sales. Consider working with a digital marketing company in china that helps optimize your page in Baidu’s organic search with their long experience in the domain and needed tools and techniques matching your SEO needs.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing should be given special priority considering a staggering 892 million Chinese from teens to elderly are associated with one or more social sites and spend an average of 40-50 minutes on regular basis for shopping, service as well hanging out with their friends, relations, and like-minded group. While Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram like popular social sites in the West is forbidden in China, you need to have a presence in major two Chinese social media sites – WeChat and Weibo.

Baidu Advertising (SEM, P4P, Baidu Pro Theme, Baidu TV)

Being the nation’s largest search engine, having a steady presence in Baidu Adwords aka Baidu Tuiguang, Baidu Phoenix Next, as well as Baidu PPC is one of your success keys for sale to China online. Baidu PPC allows advertisers to bid based on a list of keywords for displaying their business ads Baidu’s paid advertisement. As stated above, excepting Baidu’s SEM, it has been prepared with an array of great advertising plans including Pro Theme, Baidu TV for its advertisers. Nonetheless, as Baidu SEM and Baidu Pay for Placement (P4P) advertising plans are open for all, displaying ads on Baidu Pro Theme and Baidu TV have certain restrictions and can be accessed by its special users. Accordingly, make your advertising plan in Baidu, boost your brand awareness, and go ahead to thrive in China.


How can you overlook the great significance of being in Tmall which is acknowledged as the largest online shopping platform owned by the major group of Alibaba? As of now, the most preferred e-shopping podium has more than 450 million buyers apart from 50.000 marketers and displaying crossing 70.000 brands. Being the biggest B2C retail marketplace, the community helps its advertisers or marketers to sell to China online directly to millions of shopping enthusiasts spread all across nationwide. Prepared with state-of-the-art shopping infrastructure, the scope of having personalized B2C e-shopping website, facilities, it supports to boost sales and make your online marketing endeavor in China a blockbuster.

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