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Enjoy Career Success by Personal Branding

personal branding

The concept of personal branding has become very popular recently, which makes perfect sense; People who felt marginalized by the idea of ​​self-promotion now realized that it was inevitable; We all brand ourselves as brands, whether we like it or not; Each of us puts our skills and experiences into the public domain in order to promote the work we do.


The first step to brand success is accepting that you are one of these brands, and that you can use the same marketing strategies that corporate and product brands use to create your personal brand. So get to know it, and use it to sell products or get a job or fame in your field.

Why is each of us a brand?


There are two main reasons why we are all brands:

1. We are all judged on the basis of impressions

Usually the first impression determines whether or not you will get a job; In real life, every person we meet analyzes and judges us to decide whether he wants to be our friend or not, and sometimes this judgment may be based on appearance alone, or at other times it may be based on only one conversation. People classify us based on our personalities, appearances, and what we do in order to earn a living.


On the one hand, a first impression online works completely differently, with our “brands” spreading on social networks, blogs and many other places.


People may “meet you for the first time” after searching for your name on Google, on Facebook or on Linkdin, and they decide whether or not they want to talk to you based on the first result that appears before them; They may or may not contact you for the second time depending on what appears on your social media account; So what we offer on these platforms determines whether we attract and fend off certain people without feeling the pain of rejection, and this is one of the reasons why people like online dating.

  1. We are all sales representatives:


People don’t usually buy brands of products that they’ve never heard of before; Therefore, you will not have a chance with people who have not heard of your name in the past, and you will face a problem in ensuring the functioning of your business if you cannot market your product and yourself.


At work, we have to market our ideas in order to do new projects and prove ourselves, and this may happen even within our circle of friends, as we may find that we are forced to influence them in order to go to see a certain movie or to eat.


We market our ideas every day, but most of us do not consider ourselves a salesperson unless he is marketing a product, even though ideas are the greatest and most influential products.

What does personal brand mean to you?


We each have unique qualities that no one else possesses; Some of us may reveal our strengths or talents, while others are afraid to reveal them and continue to try to suppress them.

The benefits of personal branding are that people will come to you for your expertise, proposing jobs and missions that match your experiences and skills that you have promoted. You can also achieve more with fewer resources by investing in your personal brand using the power of social media, and the success you may achieve will exceed all of your dreams.

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