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One of the greatest discovery of twenty century according to philosopher William James, is the power of human thoughts to create reality.

If you are looking right now at your surroundings you will notice millions of thoughts that became reality, someone thought about it beforehand: your house, your material goods, your technology and many more…”Everything begins as a sketch somewhere, and that is what makes faith so exciting and imperative” -Laurie Beth Jones.
I believe that all humans are living out a script, subconsciously or consciously.
I want to help you become more specific with your faith, your wishes and your desires, because all of this can be converted into reality.
I am offering you this free exercise who would help you rapport a little bit better on what your reality looks like, or should look like:
-write a script about your life as it is right now, as if nothing changes
-then write a script that will contain one change of some sort
-then write a script where you become a completely new person- perhaps the one that you always wanted to be-doing the things you always wanted to do.
What would this last script look like?
This following questions will help you reflect on your reality further more:
1.Which old stories do you drag with you?
2.What it would be like if you could be handed a new script today? Would you take it?
3.Do you think you are predestined to mediocrity?
Now, if you think you need more help in defining your REALITY and get clear on what lies ahead I invite you to book a FREE tester session and see how I can help you best!


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Bianca Petrovan
I studied Hospitality Business Management, Public Relations and Communications. I studied wines as well as a passion and found my calling as a Life Coach and NLP practitioner. Helping people is what I do best! My great passion is to encourage people and I am proud to be a life coach! If you need to smile, if you need to talk or to be listen I will be there for you. Being a Life Coach and NLP practitioner I am able to help you to overcome limiting beliefs, move from your comfort zone , braking barriers and take chances for a fuller and happier life! I am here to meet your needs, to invite you to explore something different, to help you become more self aware and to empower you to live by your values! What is that my clients should come to me for? To get clarity in their lives, find their values and identity, removing resistance and obstacles and set goals and ways to achieve it.

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