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Importance of Accounting in Business Growth By Edward R Smith

Accounting is important for every business to manage the cash in and out a flow of the business.  Accounting is a process of recording, summarizing, analyzing and recording financial transactions and is one of the most important functions of any business enterprise.

The accounting is vital as every business owner can check how the business is performing is earning profit or loss. It is important as it provides detailed information to various stakeholders which are intended to be used in making an economic decision. These stakeholders include investors, management, government, suppliers, financiers, and regulators. Having an expert accountant helps to maintain your accounting books and keeps all records updated if needed for verification in the future.

The bankers, shareholders and creditors want to know how the business is performing by checking the journal, ledger entries and the financial statements. Business accounting help in making short term and long term business decisions which help an enterprise to grow and expand as per the changing market trends.

There are different financial statements that give detailed information about the profit or loss earned in a  specific time span. A company needs to earn a profit the accounting is important for determining whether the revenue earned is greater than its expenses. There are many companies who deliver services in Ipswich to handle the tax return season and get accuracy in tax calculations. These statements include

Profit and Loss Account or Income Statement

The income statement shows the net income or net loss earned by the business or incurred by an enterprise during a particular accounting period.

Balance Sheet

Balance sheet statement shows the financial position of an enterprise as on particular date. Closing balance of various assets and liabilities are reported on the balance sheet. The excess of assets over liabilities is capital.

Cash Flow Statement

Cash Flow Statement shows how changes in balance sheet and income statement which affect cash and cash equivalent. The cash flow statement is important to monitor how much cash comes in from the income or accountant receivable and how much cash goes out for business expenses and accounts payable. It shows cash inflows and outflows among operating, investing and financial activities of an enterprise.

Proper accounting will help forecast the future needs of your small business by preparing a budget plan, set projections and goals for your business to influence bank, shareholders and creditors. It helps in making favorable and right business decisions to assist you to plan ahead in your business and gain the confidence of the Stakeholders involved in your business. There are many companies in Ipswich that offer best accounting services having accountant staff to advise you on tax planning.

To maintain the resources and capital in the business, sometimes loan amount must be taken from the bank or companies from financial institutions like banks or venture capitalists.  It helps build stability and reduce overhead costs. It saves time and prevents businesses from making mistakes.

The bank and creditors require financial data in order to make you eligible for the investment support. They may request to see your budgets, balance sheet of any particular monthly financial statement. SoScience Articles, prepare and maintain the financial statements and good records that gives detailed information having how much cash is coming in and out of business.

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