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Job Interviews – Six of The Biggest Mistakes Made

Do you make these mistake at job interviews? These mistakes could be costing you the job. Learn how to avoid them in this article.

To start, the first mistake is that you plain don’t listen. Employers see this as an eye into your future at the company. You must make sure that the answer you are giving is really for the question that was asked. This is truly a test by the employer to see if you are going to be able to listen to his demands.

The second is that you are trying to take a lead. Mainly this will make you seem arrogant. Companies these days are really looking for someone who can work on a team. If you keep saying “I” this and “I” that, they won’t see you as a team player. Instead use the pronoun “We” when talking about past experiences.

The third is that you just flat out talk too much. You truly don’t want to bore the interviewer with too many details. You may even come off as having an inability to concentrate on one thing at a time. This doesn’t mean don’t answer questions just be precise and to the point, try not to get side tracked.

The fourth mistake is a huge one, tardiness. You never want to be late to a job interview. If you truly can’t make it on time then call and try to reschedule. Never stroll in five minutes late and think the interview is going to go well.

The fifth mistake is that you don’t ask questions. Make the discussion very professional and ask questions that pertain to that subject. You shouldn’t be interviewing the interviewer just show that you are interested.

The last mistake is falling for a trap. Very often the interviewer will make it seem as though the interview is meaningless. This is usually just a trapArticle Submission, so try to get the interview back on the subject as often as possible. This will show the interviewer that you mean business.

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