pressing on

We all face and deal with disappointment at times. No one has everything in life happen the way they want or expect. When things don’t prosper or succeed according to our plan, the first emotion we feel is disappointment. This is normal.There is nothing wrong with feeling disappointed, but we must know what to do with that feeling or it will become something more serious.

We can have new beginnings!

A great example is apostle Paul who stated that one of the most important lesson that he learned in life was to let go of what lay behind and press toward all that lay ahead.(see Phil.3:13)

This is a powerful example and I encourage you to get a new vision,plan, new goal and change your focus on that.You decide to go on!
If you need any help in setting your goal and understanding the reason behind it, if you want a fresh outlook I invite you to a FREE tester session of coaching with me!
Evey day is a brand new start!

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Bianca Petrovan
I studied Hospitality Business Management, Public Relations and Communications. I studied wines as well as a passion and found my calling as a Life Coach and NLP practitioner. Helping people is what I do best! My great passion is to encourage people and I am proud to be a life coach! If you need to smile, if you need to talk or to be listen I will be there for you. Being a Life Coach and NLP practitioner I am able to help you to overcome limiting beliefs, move from your comfort zone , braking barriers and take chances for a fuller and happier life! I am here to meet your needs, to invite you to explore something different, to help you become more self aware and to empower you to live by your values! What is that my clients should come to me for? To get clarity in their lives, find their values and identity, removing resistance and obstacles and set goals and ways to achieve it.

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