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Yemi Adeeko


MRCVS Certified Coach, Empowerment Mentor, Trainer and Speaker at Wellspring Consultancy

Yemi is a Multi-Lingua Executive Trainer and Effectiveness Solution Facilitator. She is a registered Veterinary Doctor and obtained a Masters Degree in Toxicology. She holds an Extended Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership. She was engaged in the area of Research and Development as a Clinical Research Scientist. Yemi finds her passion in helping others in their personal growth. Her desire is for others to get clarity of where their destination is and help them design for themselves a roadmap to accomplish it so that their true potential can be unleashed. She is the founder of “Growing Leaders” – an inspiring and empowering program for the young people to excel and develop as great leaders. She is also a co-director of Wellspring Corporate. Yemi has over 12 years of teaching and training in the UK. She has a wealth of experience in working with children and young people. She holds a variety of leadership positions in the community. She provides workshops in employability and family support.

Julia Baxter

Branding Professional and Online Marketing Coach

Julia Baxter fell into the rat race with no desire to ever escape.
Until she learned a better way. In fact, lots of better ways.

And she believed – she knew – she couldn’t go back…

As a corporate marketing and media executive for some of the world’s biggest brands, Julia was burned out and desperate to determine her own time and income. In 2006, she was laid off and never looked back. She created a successful marketing and branding consulting firm, then added a separate online cupcake business. With two companies and a hectic schedule, Julia discovered network marketing. She became a student of that profession, and built an international team, with an additional sizable income.

However, the traditional network marketing approach went against Julia’s instincts and education in sustainable, effective marketing; she sought mentorship from top field leaders who were outperforming others by leveraging the internet. Now, Julia’s focus is coaching home business entrepreneurs in marketing, mindset, and social media to grow their business results online and create freedom from home…or anywhere they choose.

In early 2016, Julia released her marketing company clients to focus on her mission: “To help entrepreneurs build their own brands for all they’re worth, and increase their value to the marketplace.”