Start Your Own Business Academy was established by Boomy Tokan. Boomy aims to help start-up entrepreneurs build high performance businesses by providing information and resources about:

  • Improving business plans
  • Fund-raising efforts
  • AdWords and Youtube advertising
  • Inbound strategy
  • Blogging
  • Social media content
  • Search engine friendly websites
  • Landing pages

Start-up entrepreneurs will learn how to create directional thank-you pages, maximize the power of ‘smarketing‘, improve their sales process and keep their customers satisfied.

Mentorship-Publishing-Coaching website-Home – OBA Connections


Healthy Lifestyle- Unique Connect website/ Intercessory Platform Unique Women


Parentskills2Go CIC is an umbrella organisation for different projects including Little People’s World, which is a voluntary parent led group that provides activities and events for families. website-Parent Skills 2GO – Building Parents’s Skills for Life

Yadel Investments Limited (YIL) was established and registered in the United Kingdom in 2005, as a private investments vehicle to carry out the business of creating and sustaining wealth.

These would be enabled through the prudent deployment of private resources across different sectors, with the assistance of proven research and analysis, in order to achieve maximum and sustainable returns.

Our investments strategy in the short, medium and long terms, would mainly be focused on asset acquisition and allocation, based on need and risk exposure tolerance.