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Patience And Success

Patience and Success

 I would like to share with you about the virtue of patience, good success requires patience, building a great business is not a day’s job, Rome renowned for its beauty and colossal buildings gave credence to the saying ‘Rome was not built in a day’ anything of quality and excellence takes time to build, many in haste to get wealth or to be seen as successful have crashed or hurt their reputation. In business there is a temptation to compare ourselves with others that have made it faster or bigger than us, we need to avoid this and work at our own pace and give our best, enjoy the journey to your destination. In April this year a 32 year old American basketball player Andre Ingram realized his dream of playing in the NBA (top league) at an age where players are retiring he got his chance after waiting and hoping for 11 years, his story went round the world, his patience was finally rewarded, true champions exercise patience and never give up on their dreams. Believe in your business, Keep your vision in sight! never stop dreaming and work patiently to achieve it and I am sure that you will succeed! Remain Blessed and remember it’s not over till you win!

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David L Taribo
David L Taribo is passionate about his faith family and Business, An Evangelist by calling and an Entrepreneur and founder of 3 companies, David loves to inspire Start-ups, develop business ideas and work on his growing business. You can contact him for consultancy & mentoring @ 07904351116 or dltaribo@gmail.com! Remain Blessed!Keep winning!

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