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Self Catering Holidays in the Bodrum Peninsula by: Teddy Lupain

Self Catering Holidays in the Bodrum Peninsula  by: Teddy Lupain

The name Bodrum has changed many times over the years. The city was initially called Halikarnassos by the satrap Mausollos. After his death – in 352 BC – he was buried in the mausoleum which is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Halikarnassos eventually became Petronion, which then became Bodrum in Turkish. In the 1920s, Bodrum was so remote that it was used as a place of exile.

Perhaps this is why the city attracted artists and bohemians and in the 1970s Bodrum developed into “Turkey’s St. Tropez” with a busy entertainment and night life. Numerous Turkish celebrities live in the holiday apartments in and around the city. The city centre is small and easy to negotiate and most things are within walking distance. The city’s main street runs parallel with the water and the sea is never far away in Bodrum. Even though Bodrum has developed into a jet-set favourite, it’s easy for the “ordinary” tourist to find the popular places in the city or the surrounding villages. In the shipyard, the traditional tirade and gullet boats are still built and these can be hired for short or long trips along the beautiful coastline.


Bodrum Peninsula is situated on the southwest coast of Turkey, in the eastern Aegean cost. The Peninsula extends 42 km in the E-W direction & 6km – 23.8 km in the N-S direction between the bays of Gulluk and Gokova.


Covering an area of 649 km2 its highest elevation is measured as 690 m. The Bodrum Peninsula is surrounded by 32 islands and islets and forms a 174 km long coastline. Villages on the north coast were more successful with fishing.


The beautiful Bodrum Peninsula suits holidaymakers interested in a subdued and relaxing atmosphere. The villages are enchanting, with guest-houses and small hotels on quiet bays of the peninsula.


To the south, tangerine orchards and olive groves are now giving way to popular tourist developments. Every settlement had its own boatyard, reminiscent of the days when people built their own vessels in their orchards.


On the southern coast, Bardakci, Gumbet, Icmeler, Bitez, Aktur, Ortakent Yalisi, Karaincir, Aspat, Bagla and Akyarlar have fine, sandy beaches Campers and windsurfers enjoy Gumbet, and at Bitez colorful sail boards weave skillfully among the masts of yachts in the bay.


On shore, you can enjoy quiet walks through the orange and tangerine groves bordering the beach. Turgutreis, Gumusluk and Yalikavak, all with excellent beaches, lie on the western side of the peninsula and are ideal for swimming, sunbathing and water sports.


See the north coast of the peninsula – Torba, Golturkbuku and Gundogan – by road or, even better, hire a boat and crew to explore the quiet coves, citrus groves and wooded islands.


Little windmills which still provide the energy to grind grain, crown hills covered with olive trees. Plenty of old Turkish houses with carved timbers and latticed windows provide examples of the vernacular architectural style.


The Bodrum Peninsula in Turkey isn’t short on breathtaking sights. Enjoy access to these amazing views from your own windows by booking these beautiful Bodrum villas. You’ll have sights and sounds to tantalize your senses as you gaze upon the valley around Bodrum, which features landscapes sculpted by volcanic rock. You may also have a view of the Turkish coast and the ocean beyond, even extending to the Greek Islands. The view of the historic wonders and architectural masterpieces in Bodrum itself can also be seen from many Bodrum Peninsula holiday rentals.


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