Ten Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs have many traits in common. Here
are ten of those traits that I consider to be very

A successful entrepreneur…

1. Places the needs of customers or clients first, and takes
the time to find out what those needs are.

2. Enjoys the freedom of fulfilling a chosen mission through
the fruits of his or her own efforts.

3. Continues ahead through good times and bad, learning
valuable lessons from both, and applying those lessons to
the future.

4. Continually looks to bring out the best in others,
bringing laughter and friendship to business as well as
personal relationships.

5. Respects his or her family and loved ones, and is
committed for life to protecting them and their welfare, and
supporting their dreams for the future.

6. Knows that life holds no guarantees, and is willing to
take detours and adjust plans when needed.

7. Keeps new mission-centered goals in mind for the future
when present goals will have been achieved.

8. Knows that worthwhile achievement takes time, and enjoys
the happiness of pursuit as well as the pursuit of

9. Believes in the value of gratitude, honesty and
integrity, and is willing to make apologies when necessary.

10. Realizes that at the end of this life, kindnesses and
benefits provided to others will be the only accomplishments
of importance remaining – not the amount of dollar signs

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