The Best Keys To A Crazy Cool Christian Marriage by: Daniel Smithson

In the close bond of Christian marriage there are many enjoyable ways to enhance your love and life together with your husband or wife.


As two people who have chosen to commit your lives to one another you have a foundation of trust that provides a unique opportunity to live in a way that allows you to both become and express who you really are, without the fear that your partner will cut off the relationship. Because in the world many people today choose not to marry, it leaves people insecure about their standing. The marriage covenant, entered into specifically and actively in faith and love, can completely set this aside – so both man and wife enjoy complete trust with one another, knowing the faithfulness and commitment of their partner.


Here are several ways in which to continue to develop and deepen your relationship together.


  1. Talk together often.


Make time to talk together about the things that matter to you. Don’ allow the busyness of life to rob you of the time needed to keep the conversation open – if necessary make appointments for just the two of you.


  1. Eat together.


This may seem obvious,but many couples fail to sit and eat together on a regular basis because of job and family commitments. There is something very special about time spent with a spouse around the dinner table, so make every effort to organise your day so you share at least one meal together each day.


  1. Share activities together.


Even close couples have different activities that each partner enjoys but do make sure that you both have some activities that you share. This allows you to both enjoy not just talk time, but doing time together too. Often the closest bonds are strengthened by sharing activities together that are mutually enjoyable and refreshing. The kind of activity will very much depend on the particular couple in question.


  1. Make love often


Some think that the sexual part of marriage is unimportant compared to other areas of intimacy, but this is not true. Every part of marriage is important, the spiritual, the emotional and the physical. Love making in the  true Christian sense brings all of these elements of close relationship together and can make for an amazing and every deepening relationship that flourishes year upon year.

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