What is network marketing


Marketing can be defined as the integrated process through which specific strategies are used in order to promote a specific good or service for the purpose of selling the good or service and obtaining the profit for its producer through the planned sales operations, and the products and services of a specific company may be marketed by The company itself, or through some companies specializing in marketing operations because it has a greater ability to advertise and manage the marketing mix, and network marketing is one of the types of marketing, and here many questions arise about what is network marketing? What are its disadvantages and advantages? In this article, the question is answered: What is network marketing.

What is network marketing

To answer the question: What is network marketing, it is necessary to know the concept of the network in marketing, as it is a series of individuals who work on marketing a specific commodity in an organized manner in which tasks are distributed to benefit everyone who is within the virtual business network, and the marketing network contains a set of levels and for this it is launched This type of marketing has the name of hierarchical marketing, and within the framework of the answer to the question of what is network marketing, knowledge of the concept of marketing recruitment in marketing networks, as the individual who has recently joined the marketing network is subordinate to the individual who joined the marketing network through him, and in this way the networks extend Marketing to millions of individuals to get the products to the largest possible number.

Terms of use of network marketing

There is a set of conditions that those who go into network marketing must verify them before starting this marketing process, due to the presence of some risks that may result from joining the marketing networks, and among the most prominent of these conditions are the following:

Verify the legality of the business

There are some risks related to the practice of the network marketing process, the most prominent of which is related to the legality of the commercial or service activity, it may be the network marketing process for goods or products and it may be for employment, and the network marketing that comes in the revenues in the marketing network through employment is illegal network marketing, and this This may expose the practitioners of this type of marketing to legal accountability.

Check the company’s activity

Within the framework of answering the question: What is network marketing and practicing this type of marketing, verifying the company that provides services or sells the goods that are the subject of the marketing process in the marketing network, and among the most important things that the marketer should know is the history of the company, the nature of its business, and its position In the market against its competitors, in addition to the reputation of the company and its staff.

Check company management

The management of companies plays a direct role in achieving the successes and goals set by the departments by conducting the administrative processes and the operational and marketing activities in a manner appropriate to the nature of the company and its commercial activity, and the reputable management gives indications of the safety of working with this company compared to other companies that have notorious departments.

Check the product

The nature of the product or service that is provided by the company to consumers plays an influential role in whether or not consumers accept the product, as there are some products or services that raise suspicion to the consumer or contain a high level of risk, or may be useless.

Knowing the marketing staff

When answering the question of what network marketing is, it is imperative to search within the framework of the marketing process itself and verify the partners of the marketing process within the marketing network, it is important for individuals to have flexibility and clarity in presenting products and to provide all the requirements necessary for the presentation of the good or service later by the new marketer to consumers Neo.

Verify the employment contract

In the context of answering the question: What is network marketing, it is necessary to emphasize the existence of a contract that guarantees, within its detailed clauses, the commitment of the company providing goods and services to all dues and sales commissions, and the existence of the work contract gives a legal dimension to work in this company.


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